Keeping Computers Safe In Long-Term Storage

There are times where you just can't hand your valuables off to someone else. Computers aren't really designed for immediate use after long-term storage, especially since dust can be a bit difficult to clean when there's no fan to keep a bit of movement in the system. Before putting it away, take a look at a few preparation steps that can keep your computer as clean as possible and less likely to be an overheating nightmare when you return for it. [Read More]

Storage Unit Ideas For Blended Families

If you are moving in with a new spouse and children will be involved on both sides, this can be a stressful time for everyone. While paring down two separate households into one can be a tough task, storage units can help make this easier. Here are four ways renting out a storage unit can help a newly blended family ease tensions in a new space. 1. Furnishings You are on the Fence About [Read More]

How To Pack Up Your Kitchenware For A Storage Unit

If you get a job in another country for a short period of time or are planning on travelling for a few months, you might decide to end the lease on your apartment and put all of your personal possessions in storage while you are gone, with the purpose of unpacking them when you get a new home or apartment. This tends to be one of the most economical methods of travelling because instead of paying monthly rent on an apartment, you are paying a far lower monthly rent on a storage space. [Read More]