How To Pack Up Your Kitchenware For A Storage Unit

If you get a job in another country for a short period of time or are planning on travelling for a few months, you might decide to end the lease on your apartment and put all of your personal possessions in storage while you are gone, with the purpose of unpacking them when you get a new home or apartment. This tends to be one of the most economical methods of travelling because instead of paying monthly rent on an apartment, you are paying a far lower monthly rent on a storage space. However, you are going to need to take special care when packing up anything that belongs in your kitchen. Here are some tips for packaging up your spices, appliances, and kitchenware so that you don't have to replace all of it when you return.

1. Protect Your Spices

If you store your spices correctly, you can keep them safe while they are in long-term storage. This will allow you to avoid having to replace them when you return, a process that can become rather expensive. First, either purchase or borrow a vacuum packer from a friend. This will remove all of the moisture and allow you to store your spices and herbs in smaller containers because it will remove all of the additional space. Then, purchase a number of mason jars that have their lids. Vacuum pack the spices and herbs into the mason jars. Take all of your mason jars and store them in a box. Pack the edges of the jars with newspaper or some other type of filler that will keep the jars from banging into each other and subsequently breaking while in transit.

If you can't find a friend who owns a vacuum packer and don't have  the money to purchase one, try to see if there are any maker spaces in your area. They will usually have the tools you need that you can pay to borrow for an hour or so.

2. Use Newspaper for Your Dishes

Take the time to put a layer of newspaper or some other packing paper in between each of your china dishes. This will allow you to keep them from breaking, as well as make it easier for you to separate them when you are done. Make sure that you clean the dishes before you use them in order to make sure that you aren't inadvertently eating newspaper ink.

3. Keep Your Utensils Together

If you don't want to worry about untangling your utensils, consider stacking all of your forks and all of your spoons in separate piles. Rubber band them together. 

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