Storage Unit Ideas For Blended Families

If you are moving in with a new spouse and children will be involved on both sides, this can be a stressful time for everyone. While paring down two separate households into one can be a tough task, storage units can help make this easier. Here are four ways renting out a storage unit can help a newly blended family ease tensions in a new space.

1. Furnishings You are on the Fence About

When moving in with your new spouse, you'll be able to to pick the best furnishings and appliances between the two of you. If there are items you are on the fence about, such as a loveseat you enjoy but can't find the right space for, you can keep these items in storage. Take your time working out the final layout of your home. You can then possibly bring in other items that you weren't ready to part with during your initial move.

2. Items That can be Accessed in Storage

While you might not be downsizing your living space when moving in two families together, it might just seem like there is a lot more stuff. There are things that your family will need, but might not need around all of the time. Items such as holiday decorations and sporting equipment can be put in a storage facility nearby that can be easily accessed. This will free up space in your home and will keep items safe and secure for when your family needs these.

3. Heirlooms for Kids

There might be family heirlooms and items that will be passed down to your children at some point that don't fit in with your current home or situation. This might be the case if items were from your ex or deceased spouse's family. Rather than having to find another relative to hold on to these or possibly parting with items, keep these safe in storage. These items will mean more to your kids someday so hold onto heirlooms until your children have a place that they can display these.

4. Storing College Aged Kids Items

If you are moving in with a spouse and bunking up your kids, children in college might lose a room in the process. Don't make this such a shock by forcing them to move everything out of your home. Store their items until they are in a better place to pick up items either after college or during the summer months.

Starting a new chapter with a new spouse can bringing kids together and can be an exciting time in your family's life. Get this process started on the right foot. Give yourself the space to ensure that you don't get rid of things that you or your kids might want down the line. For more information, talk to a company like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.