7 Supplies You Should Have Handy On The Day You Move In To Your Storage Unit

Moving your items from your home or your business into a storage unit is a big job. You'll want to be fully prepared so that things go as smoothly as possible on move-in day.

One thing you can do to make sure that everything goes as planned is keep yourself fully supplied. Make sure you get the following seven items together when planning your move-in day to get the move-in job accomplished as efficiently as possible: 

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is an absolute necessity if you're wrapping fragile items like dishes, glasses, or delicate figurines.

Bubble wrap even comes in handy if you're packing items that aren't particularly fragile. Even furniture pieces and electronic equipment is probably going to handle being in storage best if it's carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.


You'll definitely have to have boxes around if you're packing a lot of smaller items together. Boxes are perfect for packing books, clothing, toys, and odds and ends.

If you're packing a wide variety of items, you might want to have many different box sizes available. You'll want to fit heavier items into smaller boxes and optimize space by packing lighter weight items like clothing and blankets in bigger boxes that can quickly pack away a large quantity of items. 


You might at first think that just folding down box flaps will be enough to keep things together. However, taping boxes shut fortifies boxes with heavier items and prevents boxes from breaking open while you're moving. Packing tape is therefore a good thing to have around on move-in day. 

Labels and markers

Stay organized by carefully labeling what box contains what. Having boxes labeled will make things much easier later on when you need to get a particular item out of your storage unit and need to know which box it's in. 

A lock

The better your lock, the more peace of mind you'll have when you leave your items at the storage facility. Investing in a sturdy padlock is probably the best way to secure your goods so that the chances of theft are minimized. 

A safe box

If you're packing away valuables, you might want to invest in a safe box to keep things extra secure. This is a good thing to have if you're packing valuable documents that include sensitive financial information. Safe boxes are also good for securing expensive items like jewelry and collectibles. 

Lifting straps

If you'll be storing heavy items like appliances or large furniture pieces, lifting straps will help you bare the load and minimize any risks of injuries like pulled or sprained muscles. 

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