Storage Tips For Wood Furniture

Whether you are storing fine wooden furniture, functional antiques, or inexpensive particle board furniture, making sure that the items come out of storage looking as good as when they went in is of paramount importance. The following tips are just what you need to store these items.

Tip #1: Prep the Units

A climate controlled unit is best, especially for solid wood and antiques, although it isn't necessary. These units don't have humidity issues and the wood won't be exposed to swelling and shrinkage from fluctuating temperatures. Once you have your unit, sweep it out and line the floors. Pallets work well because they will elevate the furniture above any moisture that seeps through the concrete. You can also line the floor with a heavy tarp, which works as a moisture barrier.

Tip #2: Oil It Up

Drying out and cracking can be a real concern, especially if it gets hot and your unit doesn't have climate control. Wipe down your wood pieces to remove any dust, and then buff them well with your favorite wood oil or furniture polish. The only exception here is particle board furniture with a wood grain veneer – skip the polishing and just wipe these down with a slightly dampened cloth.

Tip #3: Break It Down

Some furniture can easily be broken down, which may be a better way to store it. For example, removing shelving from the top of a wooden desk or unscrewing and storing the decorative knobs from the top of your head board. Take the leaves out of tables and store them separately. Not only does this make the items easier to move into storage, it also minimizes the chances of damage.

Tip #4: Cover and Cushion

Furniture blankets keep dust and pests off of your wood furniture, while still allowing air to circulate freely. If you don't have actual furniture blankets, regular blankets, towels, or sheets will all work. Just don't use plastic. This can trap moisture and lead to finish damage or wood rot. Make sure the furniture item is completely covered so it doesn't get scratched or chipped by other items in the unit. Also, if you put boxes on the furniture, opt for lighter weight items so they won't bow or damage the furniture.

If you store your furniture for more than a couple of months, check under the covers to make sure all is well. Contact a local storage facility for more information. Contact a business, such as Back Acres Mini-Storage & Mobile Home Park, for more information.