Do's And Don'ts For Placing Your Bedroom Items Into Storage

If you are packing all of your belongings into a self-storage trailer while you travel the globe for business, then it is important that you take special care when storing your bedroom items. By taking exceptional care when you pack and store them, your items will come out of your storage trailer clean and as fresh as the day that you put them in.

Follow these do's and don'ts to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your bedroom items:

Do wrap your mattress and box spring in plastic. You can use inexpensive plastic tarps that are designed for interior painting to wrap each piece. Wrap the tarps around each piece separately and then tape them in place using storage tape. Do not wrap the plastic too tight around your bed, because this can lead to mold growth. Your goal is to protect the bed pieces from dust and dirt sticking to them.

Don't store your box spring and mattress standing in their ends or sides. Instead, store both pieces flat by laying them on top of a large table or other pieces of furniture. Try to place them in such a way that they will not hang over the end of the furniture or boxes supporting their ends. If they hang over, this will cause permanent bending and damage over time.

Do polish or oil your wooden bedroom set before you place it in your storage trailer. Since storage trailers tend to be hot and dry in the summer months and cold and damp in the winter time, oiling or polishing your wooden furniture ensures that it is well protected from both dry and moist air. This action will prevent cracking and other damage to your furniture pieces. You should use a high-quality oil or polish, not a polish that you would use in your weekly cleaning. Instead of a spray on product, use an oil or paste polish that is applied with a soft cloth.

Don't store moving boxes on top of your bedroom furniture pieces. Boxes can cause scratches on their surfaces as you place them and move them around. Placing heavy boxes on furniture pieces will lead to structural damage and sagging as time passes. If you have shelving units for your closet, you should take them apart and store them in pieces. Do not use the shelving to store boxes on due to the same sagging issues.

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