Clothes Keeper: 3 Things To Consider On Your Self-Storage Search

You are going to be storing your clothes in a storage unit soon, and you want to find the best storage unit to preserve your clothes. The following guide will show you 3 things to consider while searching for the right unit. 

1. Sunlight Exposure Could Be Damaging

The first thing you want to do is make sure your storage unit will not expose your clothes or other items to sunlight. The powerful UV rays that the sun emits can damage your clothes. For one, sunlight can dry out the natural oils that leather contains, which could lead to leather deterioration. Sunlight can also photodegrade your clothes (as well as other items). This happens because the UV lights will eventually damage the bonds that hold the color of your garment, causing it to fade. So make sure your storage location has units that keep the sun's UV lights away from your garments.

2. Temperature Controlled Self-Storage Units

Another thing that you need to make sure your self-storage facility offers is temperature controlled units. Storage units that do not have temperature control could unnecessarily expose your clothes to different types of dangers. For one, humidity could be a problem because of the moisture. Moisture could cling to your clothes, and moisture attracts mold or mildew. Moisture also attracts insects to your unit, which could also pose a problem to your clothes. The reason is some insects eat natural fibers, like cotton, silk, or even leather.

A temperature controlled unit should also protect your clothes from freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures can weaken the structure of your clothes, which could damage that perfect form you've grown to love.

The recommended temperature is anywhere between 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while humidity should be kept between 25 to 65 percent. So make sure you talk to your storage specialist about the temperature and humidity in the storage unit you are considering.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Space

You want your unit to have enough space to hang some clothes, especially dresses, coats, and jackets. You want to avoid stuffing your clothes in a box or putting too much weight on folded clothes. This is important because creases can become permanent given enough time.

These are just a few things you should consider for the sake of your clothes. But be sure to talk to your storage specialist—like those at Statewide Self Storage and other locations—as he or she may have additional helpful suggestions.