Are You Decorating By The Season To Keep Your House Looking Fresh? 3 Tips For Easy Storage

Owning a home gives you the power to change things that you do not like, add new features, and make improvements to the features that already exist. After moving in, it is only natural to furnish and decorate it with your style in mind. Keeping it this way for several years may have you growing tired of the appearance. Instead of looking to get another home or buy all new furniture, you just need to decorate differently. Decorating for each season is the perfect solution, but you must also store these items well.

Clear Bins with Color Coding

While you can store decorations on their own, in a cardboard box, or in large trash bags, you will find that the most effective method for storing your seasonal things is in a plastic bin. Each set of decorations will sit inside a storage unit for nine months out of the year, so you want to do it the right way. High-quality plastic bins are essential, and you should only consider clear ones to make it easier for organizing. It is helpful to separate the bins by season, which you can do in several ways. A great method is to get construction paper in four colors, laminate several pieces of each, and tape them onto the bins. This way, the second you walk into the storage unit, you will know which boxes are for which season.

Rotate Accordingly

Storing a large number of plastic bins for decorating throughout the year is understandable, but it may not always be that easy to keep things organized. It is best to start with a system in place, as opposed to dealing with a cluttered mess after a few seasons worth of decorations have been taken and put back. Each season, you want to have the decorations you are using next right in front of you. So, the first time you store decorations, you should put the bins in the back of the storage unit while pushing the rest forward. Following this method for every season will help you avoid clutter and make for easy access.

Freestanding Shelves

If you would prefer not to have boxes stacked on top of each other, you can get freestanding shelves. Creating two or three lines of these shelves will allow for optimal storing and maneuverability. If you also like to take out some decorations early on and then finish with the rest in the middle of the season, you will appreciate being able to access every single bin without having to do any heavy lifting.

Decorating your home each season takes patience and dedication. By following these self storage facility tips, you will make it easy to manage everything so that you are not stressed during decorative transitions.