8 Ways To Protect Your Belongings In Self-Storage

Packing your belongings for a self-storage unit is more than fitting as much as you can in a box and tossing it into your unit. Various elements, such as heat, can have an impact on your belongings while in storage and it is important for you to take steps to protect them. Here are some ways you can safely store your belongings. 

  1. Opt for the climate-controlled unit. Fluctuations in temperature can have a negative impact on your belongings. For instance, humidity can leave moisture on your items, which can quickly turn to mildew. In a climate-controlled unit, the temperature is steady and prevents issues. 
  2. Store items off the ground. If you are not using a climate-controlled unit, you cut down on the probability of moisture accumulating on your items by ensuring there is proper ventilation throughout the unit. Part of that is storing the items off the ground, such as on a pallet. 
  3. Remove batteries from electronics. Battery acid can leak into the interior of your electronics and cause significant damage to electrical components. 
  4. Double-check items for moisture. Any items that typically use water need to be thoroughly dried before placing them in storage to avoid corrosion. For instance, if you have a washer in storage, wipe the tank down and remove the hoses to ensure water is not trapped inside of it. 
  5. Leave food out. Even if you are only using the self-storage unit for a short period, leaving food in the unit could attract pests that could nest in your belongings and damage them. 
  6. Store electronics in original packaging. The original packaging is specifically designed to snugly fit an electronic. If you do not have the packaging available, look for boxes that are similar in size to the original. 
  7. Keep high-pressured items out of storage. High-pressured items, such as a propane tank, can be a hazard in storage. If the unit is not climate-controlled, when the heat climbs, the pressure can increase in the item and possibly cause an explosion. 
  8. Oil metal parts. Metal items, such as your tools, should be coated with oil to lower the possibility that they will rust while in storage. Before oiling them, clean them to remove dirt and other debris. 

Consult with the staff at your local self-storage facility like Pearl Street Self Storage to learn other ways you can protect your belongings while in storage. The staff can provide you with additional tips that are specific to the climate so you can properly pack.