What You Should Know About Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Do you need to store your belongings but do not want them to get damaged inside a storage unit? If your belongings were damaged in a storage unit in the past, it is likely due to the temperature not being ideal for what was stored. For instance, there might have been too much moisture in the unit for items that are made of metal or wood. You do not have to be concerned about your belongings if you choose the right type of storage unit to prevent humidity levels from rising inside the unit. Choose a storage unit that will maintain the ideal temperature for the types of materials that you are storing inside. 

How Moisture Will Be Controlled

By choosing a climate-controlled unit for your belongings, moisture will be controlled in more than one way. For instance, unlike regular units, climate-controlled units are located on the inside of a building. One benefit is that it is more difficult for outside elements to compromise the temperature inside climate-controlled units. Another benefit that will keep moisture under control is that climate-controlled units are equipped with HVAC systems that can maintain a specific temperature to protect what is being stored. Your belongings will never become too hot or cold, and moisture will not build up and cause mold or mildew to grow.

What to Store in a Climate-Controlled Unit

No matter which types of belongings you have, a climate-controlled storage unit will be beneficial. However, there are certain types of materials that are more at risk of getting damaged if they are not stored in a climate-controlled unit. For example, if you intend to store anything that is constructed of wood or has a small amount of wood on it, it is worth investing in a climate-controlled unit. Collectibles of all types should also be stored inside a climate-controlled unit, as moisture and pests can cause irreversible damage. Electronics, books, and documents could benefit from a climate-controlled unit as well.

The Price Charged by Storage Facilities

As with most storage unit types, you will be charged for a climate-controlled unit based on size. The actual price that you are charged will also vary based on the facility that the unit is purchased from. There are a few other things that could be factored into the price as well, such as the features that a specific unit has. Expect to spend more money on a climate-controlled unit than a regular unit due to the benefits that are provided.

Contact a local climate-controlled storage facility to learn more.