2 Features To Look For When Choosing Disposable Liners For Your Paint Tray Cart

If you or your employees use paint tray carts as part of the business's day-to-day operations, you may be looking for ways to make the cleanup after its use easier. After doing a little research, you may have decided that using disposable liners will help.

However, with the many choices available for these liners, you may find that you are having a difficult time making a selection. If so, below are a couple of helpful features for which you should look when deciding on which disposable liner to use for your company's paint tray carts.

1.  Liner Should Be Thick Yet Pliable Enough to Manipulate to Tightly Fit the Tray's Form

One thing you should pay attention to when choosing a disposable liner is its thickness. Ideally, the liner should be thick enough to withstand the pressure of a roller or paintbrush being pushed on it without tearing or moving.

However, along with its thickness and durability, the liner should also be pliable enough to manipulate. When placing the liner in the tray, you should be able to shape it to fit the tray's form snugly. This will help prevent paint from flowing underneath the liner, which would defeat the purpose of having one on the tray to begin with.

2.  Surface of the Liner Should Be Textured Enough to Control the Application of Paint

Another feature that should be present on the liner is a textured surface. If the surface is smooth, you and/or your workers will have difficulty controlling the amount of paint that is applied. You may end up with so much paint that it runs or not enough paint to cover the surface on which it is applied.

However, if the liner is textured and thick enough, different pressure can be applied to the roller that allows the ridges to take away excess paint and/or leave the right amount for the job.

When looking at various liners for your paint tray, selecting one that is strong, pliable, and form-fitting can help you reduce the mess. You can also waste a smaller amount of paint when you choose a liner with a textured surface that allows you to control the amount applied to the roller. For more information as well as help with making a selection to best serve your needs, speak with a representative with a company that offers paint tray cart disposal liners for sale.