3 Effective Ways To Maximize Your RV Storage Space

Living and camping in an RV can be fun and merry until it's time to arrange and store your belongings in the limited space it has to offer. The problem gets bigger when you're using the RV for an extended period. You will need to stock up on food, utensils, clothes, and many other personal effects in the available RV space for the time that you'll be using the RV

Since you cannot increase the space in your RV, the only remaining option is to use the available limited space economically. The following three tips should help you maximize your RV storage space and enjoy your RV life with little to worry about.

Use Your RV's Wall Space Optimally

One common mistake RVers make is to ignore the vast space that exists on their RV walls. Most of the usable space in an RV is available vertically, and less of it is on the RV floor. It is, therefore, important that you use the vertical space by installing more wall storage shelves for items like foodstuff and clothes. 

You can also use magnetic strips, hangers, and hanging storage units to help hold most of your items in the vertical space. The more items you can get off the floor, the more room you'll have in your RV.

Use More Multi-Use Items

Multi-use items are everyday tools you can use to perform multiple duties. For instance, you can use mason jars to store kitchen ingredients like sugar or salt and also use them for drinking water and keeping food leftovers that haven't gone bad. Using these items will help reduce clutter in your RV and leave extra space for other essential items.

Instead of buying a separate cutting board, wall art, and a serving tray, you can buy a wooden cutting board and use it for all these purposes. You can also go for three-in-one soaps to minimize the space taken by multiple bottles of soap in your bathroom. Ensure you look out for as many multi-use items as possible to help maximize your use of space.

Hang Items Inside Your Cabinet Doors

Since you're not leaving any space to chance, the space behind your cabinet doors is enough space for hanging your coats and other cloth items that might take extra space elsewhere. You can buy organizers that can attach to the cabinet door or hang over the door to offer extra hanging options for your clothes.

Depending on where the cabinet is located, you can hand in other things like cleaning supplies, brushes, toothbrush containers, shoes, and other practical items. You can always consider options like the weight and size of an item before hanging them on the hooks behind your cabinet door.

Contact a storage company to learn more.